The FIRST OFFICIAL Hero Ride is now in the bag.  Thank you to all who came out to participate in the ride.  The impact of your participation will forever be felt in the lives of the Heroes you helped.

As a result of the Hero Ride the Holly & Bronco Mendenhall Foundation, along with the Thursday’s Heroes program was able to provide a complete interior remodel for one of our newest Hero Families that will allow them to better accommodate the daily needs of their son who has Spina Bifida.  This remodel is being donated by Ivory Homes.

“I was honored as being a Thursday’s Hero in 2008, the week of the Oklahoma game. It changed my life and gave me strength to continue battling through the many surgeries and trials that followed. Thank you so much for doing what you are doing and recognizing the significance of this amazing program.” -Tommy B.




In addition Ivory Homes was able to coordinate another interior remodel for a former Hero  who is confined to a wheelchair, to widen doorways and improve existing ramps to make the home more accessible.

We were so pleased with the overall response to the ride this year and appreciated comments like, “It was a hard ride, but we chose to suffer.   The Heroes we were riding for don’t have a choice, and they go through it every day.”  Those comments led us to believe that many of you caught the vision as to why you were riding.  While we recognize we fell short in some areas in our first year we are dedicated to responding to your feedback in order to continue to make this an experience you’ll never want to miss.

3 main areas of focus for 2014 will be:

1. Route Markers every 5-10 miles to ensure you know you’re on course

2. More variety and quantity of food at aid stations, along with bathrooms

3. A bigger, better finish to the ride – admittedly we failed all together in this regard.